Residential Treatment Center Outreach


Love Fosters Hope is taking its message directly to some of the teens who need it most by visiting Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs). We encourage them, let them know they are valued, and invite them to participate in fun activities and learn skills needed for adulthood.

RTCs are group homes for teens in foster care who have encountered problems, and for whom additional supervision and onsite counseling has been deemed necessary.

The nature of the RTC environment is deliberately restrictive as a means of modifying behavior, and the result is teens who live there are largely discouraged. Through our Reach program, Love Fosters Hope consistently visits an RTC every other week, bringing encouragement, learning and hope.

Love Fosters Hope was invited to visit the RTC after some of its teens attended

our summer camps.

The RTC director witnessed firsthand the significant positive transformation in each teen who attended, and requested us to share this with all

the teens in their program. The usual stay at an RTC is six months, so the residents are continually rotating, but the trust established through Reach is

constant and communicated to each new teen who arrives.

Activities vary, but cooking classes, art projects, games and a teaching element are usually included.

Perhaps even more importantly, the Reach team shares the truth about each teen’s identity, and who God created them to be.

The teens learn how to avoid bad choices, how to overcome pain and life struggles, how to get along with others, as well as other character development traits that will serve them well in life. The holidays bring a Thanksgiving dinner in November and a big Christmas party in December.

One RTC teen shared that her being in foster care was a consequence of her mother’s decision to use drugs, and how she’s committed to making better decisions and trading the cycle of abuse, neglect and drug addiction for goals and dreams of a better future.

We’re often told that our Reach visits are the highlight of some teens’ week at the RTC.

It is definitely the highlight of ours.


Volunteers must demonstrate character traits of integrity, respect, caring and the ability to have fun!

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