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In this program uniquely geared to teens, ages 16-19, who are preparing to transition out of foster care, they enjoy plenty of regular camp activities while learning valuable life skills to help equip them for a promising future.

Love Fosters Hope created Bridge at the request of participants in our Teen Reach Adventure Camp (T.R.A.C.) program wanting a next step—and in fact, they helped to design the program.

Young people in this age group are either on the brink of aging out of foster care, or recently have done so, and they’re profoundly aware of the odds against them as they prepare for life on their own.

We continue to maintain the 2:1 camper-to-staff ratio from T.R.A.C. and all the fun activities, but also integrate classes to help older teens prepare for independent living. Our hope is to better equip each individual to claim the life they deserve and are willing to pursue.

Featured Bridge classes include:

  • Auto maintenance and ownership, including changing a tire and checking oil, water, and air
  • Costs involved with owning a vehicle, such as tag, insurance, inspections, etc.
  • Healthy relationships, and warning signs for unhealthy ones
  • Cooking lessons
  • Interviewing for a job
  • Personality and career assessment
  • Etiquette
  • Budgeting
  • Setting goals
  • What it means to be a man/woman
  • … and more!

Each year, Bridge hosts an evening called “A Night to Shine!” The first

day of camp, the teens visit our dress shop, where the young ladies

select a dress and shoes and the young men choose pants, a dress shirt, tie and shoes.

A team of volunteers help with minor alterations so that the participants can use their newly chosen outfits for job and college interviews and special dances at their schools.


The last day of summer camp includes a visit to a local college for a campus tour. A core element of the Bridge experience is to prepare teens, who are interested, for college, and to encourage and inspire those who might not have considered it yet.

Such was the case with one particular camp participant, who began the week tired of school and with no plans of attending college. After the campus tour, he began to reconsider his goals, and wrote down his dream to attend Sam Houston State University. He has gone on to join our mentoring program and is interested in environmental studies.

On the last night of camp, everyone arrives at a venue decorated for hosting gatherings like wedding receptions and parties, complete with chandeliers. Tables are elegantly set, music plays, and each teen is invited to have the time of their life as they prepare to close one important chapter and begin another.

At Bridge Camp, each teen is encouraged and celebrated, and the truth is

communicated and reinforced that they are significant, valued, worthy and loved.

We encourage them to stay on track despite all the distractions that can take them off course like drugs, gangs, crime, and

teen pregnancy. We encourage them to focus on their goals because God has a better plan for their lives.

Our goal is for every young person aging out of foster care to either attend college, trade school, or join the military, or be able to

transition into a sustainable job. The result is promising: in a recent camp, 11 teens aged out of foster care in our program; seven

of them (well over 60%) are currently enrolled in a local college!

As one participant observed,

"When I come back to camp, I remember who I am and who I can be."

Bridge Camp: June 27-30, 2019

Volunteer recruitment begins in January, with training in the spring. Volunteers must be 23 years old, and demonstrate

character traits of integrity, respect, caring, and the ability to have fun!

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