Find Your Place

Foster Care Partner Organizations

We cannot care for the children and teens in foster care without the support of one another. Below is a list of foster care organizations in which you can FIND YOUR PLACE.

Angel Reach:

A faith-based nonprofit organization that helps children and youth between the ages of 16-24 achieve their full potential in spite of the obstacles placed on them by broken families and a broken system. Their mission was formed with the desire to break the generational cycle of abuse, neglect, and homelessness, and affect positive change in the lives of struggling current or former foster youth in the community.

Arms Wide Adoption Services:

A non-profit adoption and foster care service that is committed to transforming the lives of children in need of safe and nurturing adoptive families in Houston and South Texas. Their vision is to be the center of choice for CPS child placement, adoption education, and Post permanency family support

Arrow Child & Family Ministries:

A foster care organization that is helping kids and strengthening families. They provide Christian child welfare and educational services that connect the church and government to serve vulnerable children and families

Back 2 Basics Ministry:

A non-profit ministry that brings the love of God to abused, neglected, and forgotten people by providing healthy, loving relationships, and addresses the individual spiritual, emotional, and material needs. They focus primarily on, but not limited to, teenagers in Harris and Montgomery County shelters, mental health facilities, foster homes, and similar systems, as well as those on the streets


A Christ-centered organization that delivers redemptive ministry to the most vulnerable population from the beginning to the ending of life


Court Appointed Special Advocates to represent and advocate for a child’s best interests after a child enters the foster care system. They serve as the “eyes and ears” for a judge in child welfare cases.

Child Protective Services:

Provides services to children and families in their own homes, places children in foster care when necessary, provides services to help youth in foster care successfully transition to adulthood, and helps children get adopted.

DePelchin Children’s Center:

An accredited foster care and adoption agency that serves the most vulnerable children and families in Texas and works to break the cycles of abuse and neglect. They integrate prevention, foster care, adoption and post-adoption programs to improve the mental health and well-being of children who are at risk of entering or are in the State’s child welfare system.

Grace Manor:

A personalized child placing agency with a big vision. They are committed to providing exceptional support services through every aspect of the process. They will guide you through each step and help ensure all measures are taken for efficient completion of the certification process. They offer families the help they need to ensure a successful future

Hope’s Bridge:

A non-profit organization that provides needed resources for foster, kinship, adoptive, and other families as needed within the Montgomery, Texas area and beyond. They establish partnerships with area churches, as we establish relationships with both DFPS and the families they serve.

Love Fosters Hope:

A non-profit that brings hope and healing to children and teens in foster care through summer camps, mentoring, and visits to Residential Treatment Centers. They also have a Rescue Home, a safe and nurturing home for teens from their program who have aged out of foster care and would otherwise be homeless.

The Orphan Care Network:

This organization exists to help the Church care for foster and adoptive families. Their programs are designed to give churches a strong foundation by caring for those in their congregations and communities that are following their calling of fostering, adopting, or caring for extended family.

Pathways Youth & Family Services:

A non-profit social service organization that provides a wide array of programs and services to communities across the state of Texas including foster care, adoption, community-based services, behavioral health, residential treatment center, and the wilderness/adventure program.

We Will Speak:

A non-profit organization that helps improve the outcomes of youth in foster care by providing them with a community who will stand up and help them build hope and direction for their future. They give a voice to teens in foster care. They advocate for them, educate the public on the problems with the foster care system, and empower teens in foster care to tell their stories.